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7 Uses for Your Gym Towel

The GYMRAGS microfibre grey gym towel doubles up as a gym towel to wipe away sweat and removes the need for a gym bag with a generous zip pocket with plenty of space for phone, keys, ear phones, gym card, assisted pull up bands... It measures 75cm long by 35cm wide and has a pocket that’s 25cm x 35cm, much larger than most gym towels on the market. GYMRAGS grey gym towel also has plenty of other uses for when you’re in the gym or doing a yoga session in the living room. Yoga Mat If you’re having a yoga session in the living room or doing some floor work in the gym then you can use your gym towel...

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5 Tips For When You Lose Gym Motivation

I fell off the gym-wagon recently and had to find a way to motivate myself back into my usual routine of doing 3 to 4 different classes each week. After a couple of weeks off after being unwell followed by a bout of laziness, I felt daunted at the prospect of getting back to it. I would tell myself that it would be like starting all over again in terms of my fitness and that I'd miss having my evenings to curl up on the sofa or visit friends and family.   Here's how I motivated myself to get back into my gym routine and not feel guilty about the 3 weeks (maybe 4) I had off.    1. Reset...

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4 Great Reasons To Get To The Gym NOW

We’ve all been there, sat at home warm and cosy on the sofa bingeing on your latest Netflix obsession. You’ve had a long, tiring, busy day at work and now you want to enjoy your evening in a pair of comfy jogging bottoms. But, you know that you should be at the gym sweating it out on the cross trainer or in that Spin class pedalling at full speed.   Here’s 4 reasons to ditch Netflix, put your trainers on and get sweating... You’ll Feel Great After We all get that endorphin rush after exercise and we all feel great for it! Remember how you felt after your last workout and you promised yourself to do it more often? That...

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5 Ways To Fall In Love With Exercise

5 ways to fall in love with exercise? There was a time when I would have laughed at anyone who said they “love exercise” because I certainly didn’t. I avoided P.E in school and continued to avoid physical activity as an adult because it left me vulnerable to my clumsiness and public embarrassment. That all changed about a year ago when I walked into my first aerobics class, then legs bums and tums, Bodypump, Spin, Pilates, Kettlebells....I love them all. And it’s changed my life, my body and my emotional well being. If i can fall in love with exercise then ANYONE can. 1. Try Everything There’s so many different ways to exercise from exercise classes to a session in...

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