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Hi there! My name is Kayla and GYMRAGS has been a dream of mine since I first became addicted to exercise classes. After years of a sedentary lifestyle I decided to get my backside in gear and try out a few exercise classes starting with aerobics and legs, bums and tums. It didn't take long for my fitness and confidence to start increasing so I pushed myself to try a Bodypump class and that's when the addiction kicked in....

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Within months I was sweating it out at every Bodypump class I had time for and then throwing in a few Spinning classes for extra measure. That's when GYMRAGS happened. I was spending a lot of money on gym clothes and becoming frustrated when buying a new top or leggings and finding them uncomfortable during my workout. By the time I knew that the top rode up during Spinning class or the leggings gave me a wedgie during Bodypump it was already too late to return them. 

Why weren't sports and fitness clothing brands describing what it's like to wear their yoga pants, tank top or sports bra? So I decided that I should build a fitness clothing brand that did exactly that....We're starting small with our microfibre gym sweat towels but thinking big with lots of ideas for future products. We'd love to hear your ideas for a product you would like us to sell, email with your thoughts. 

Everyone should enjoy the benefits of exercise without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable when they walk into their first aerobics class or take their first steps onto the treadmill. 

If you would like to know more, you can contact myself and the GYMRAGS team at